Nahda Brand



Roomi Cheese

Baramilli Cheese

Domyati Cheese

Syrian Olive Oil

Istanbulli Cheese

Thallaga Cheese

Palestinian Olive Oil


Tahina [ %100 Sesame ]

Turkish Sliced

Cucumber Pickles

Turkish Sliced

Jalapeno Pepper




Premium Zaatar 

Watermelon Seeds


Dried Sage 

Dried Zaatar

Aryaf Honey
Nahda Dairies Industries LLC FRESH RANGE

Fresh Halloumi Cheese

Fresh Halloumi Roll Cheese 

Fresh Nabulsi Cheese 

Fresh Nabulsi W/Black Seeds Cheese 

Fresh Nabulsi Cheese 

Fresh Baladi Cheese 

Fresh Paneer Cheese 

Fresh Akkawi Cheese 

Fresh Bulgarian Cheese 

Fresh Labneh 

Fresh Labneh Low Fat 

Fresh Labneh Ball with Oil 

Fresh Labneh Ball with Oil (Black Seeds)

Fresh Labneh Ball with Oil (Mint)

Fresh Labneh Ball with Oil (Chiili)

Fresh Labneh Ball with Oil (Zaatar)

Fresh Emirati LowSalt Cheese

Fresh Emirati Feta Cheese

Fresh Baramili Cheese

Fresh Istanbuli Cheese

Fresh Emirati Cream


Established in 1990, the Arabian Food Industries Company (Domty) manufactures markets and distributes a range of branded white and processed cheeses and juice products, with a portfolio of nearly 200 SKUs. The company is a household name in Egypt with a number-one market position in the local cheese market and a growing market share in the juice segment.

Double Cream Cheese

Thallaga Cheese

Domiaty Cheese

Feta Cheese

Low Salt Cheese

Light Feta Cheese

Creamy Paprika

Creamy light

Creamy Olives

Creamy Cheddar

Creamy Plain
Beef luncheon plain

Beef luncheon with black pepper

Beef luncheon with olives


Turkey (smoked)

Chicken (smoked)

Smoked Dried Salami
Avanti Cheddar Red

Avanti Cheddar withCumin

Avanti Cheddar withSpicy Pepper

Avanti Cheddar Basturma
Beef luncheon plain

Beef luncheon with black pepper

Beef luncheon with olives
Altaib Low Salt White Cheese

Syrian Sheep Labnah

Moshalal Cheese

Fresh Cream

Sheep Laban
Arish Cheese

Feta Cheese

Double Cream Cheese

White Cheese



Jarashieh Labaneh


Green Olives (Jumbo, XL, L)

Green Olives W Mixture

Black Olives Large

Bolivee Mix

Kalamata Black Olives

Natural Black Olives

Olives salade

Oil Olives 0.5L*24

Oil Olives 1L*12

Lemon Pickles

Onion Pickles

Mixed Veg. Pickles

Green pepper (Chili) Pickles

Mixed Veg. Red


Olive stuffed with Carrots

Olive stuffed with Garlic

Jalapeno nacho sliced(6*1500)
Spanish sliced green Olives

Spanish whole green Olives

Spanish pitted green Olives

Spanish stuffed green Olives

Spanish sliced black Olives

Spanish whole black Olives

Spanish pitted black Olives